3 Avocado Toast Ways – a Healthy Dressing

3 ways of making your avocado days better with an avocado toast!

Allow me to show you how easy (and twice as tasty) making avocado toasts is. Toasted bread with avocado dressing and different tops is my favorite idea for breakfast or dinner.

The avocado contain monounsaturated fatty acids, rich in vitamin K containing more potassium than bananas, full of many vitamins and minerals. It can be found in every well-stocked markets, with a  relatively decent price (considering 2 avocado would be enough) so there is no reason why not try it.

Picking the right avocado: Ripe Avocados are soft. That doesn’t mean you should pick the softest avocado you can find, instead choose the one that resists by a bit when you press your finger upon it.

Making the Avocado Dressing:


  • 2 ripe avodacos
  • 2 Tbs cold pressed olive oil
  • Pinch of salt and pepper
  • ½ lemon – juiced

Preparation: Preparation: In a bowl, crush the avocados with a fork. Season with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

#1 Avocado toast with an egg

Softly boiled egg is all that you need for a perfect avocado toast. The yolk of the soft boiled egg is like a dressing, making the toast even creamier and tastier.

Moisten one toasted bread with the avocado dressing and place the boiled eggs on the top.

avocado dressing toast with eggs seeds for breakfast

#2 Avocado toast with american cheese and chili

If you’re a fan of chili taste, then this is the breakfast you’ve been waiting for all along!

Regarding the cheese, american cheese is my favorite, and I mainly use that one but you could use another solid cheese by choice.

Cheese, combined with creamy avocado dressing and chili peppers makes a stellar composition that you simply can’t get enough of!

On a toasted bread, moisten the avocado dressing. Shred the cheese across the surface and add a small amount chopped pepper on the top. Pour a little bit of vinegar balsamic for an extra taste.

avocado toast cheese chili peppers seeds dressing

#3 Avocado toast with tomato and olives

The combination of avocado and tomato is simply invincible! These two ingredients go perfectly well together and if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you mark this toast as your primary option.

On a toasted bread, moisten the avocado dressing. On top, place a diced tomato evenly spread across the bread and finish with chopped olives.

avocado toast tomato olives seeds dressing breakfast

For an enhanced flavor, sprinkle pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or linseed seeds from above. You can do this on any of the combinations offered above.

3 ways avocado dressing toast

Another great thing about cooking avocado toast is that you can use the avocado seeds prior to it’s health benefits as well!

This yummy avocado cream and toast recipe was submitted by Monika Potter

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