Workout with Partner – 6 Rock Solid Reasons Why You Should Give it a Try

Studies have shown that people who have exercise partners are more likely to stay with their workout routines and reach their goal more often than people who try to do it alone. Why? The reasons are the following.

1. Safety during workout

Having someone to help you lift the last few reps, do the last crunches or just having someone watch over you creates sense of safety. Knowing that there is someone to help you if things go bad pleasures your subconscious and it releases you from many fears and potential last rep give ups.

2. Common Interest

Aiming towards same or similar goal with someone when it comes to working out, usually means teaming up! With every idea and experience shared between the partners, the possibilities for new, unique activities are endless. In that way, it’s easy to keep workouts exciting. Two heads are better than one, right?

3 .Deeper bond and better Sex Life

Did you know that hormones of happiness are released during a workout? Happiness equals to lower stress levels, leading to happier life. The same thing happens during sex, so you can see how those two are connected. Studies show that couples that workout together have better and more frequent sex. That’s due the hormones like serotonin, endorphin and dopamine and of course, the workout itself contributes to fit and sexy body.

4. Motivating Support

Getting encouragement and support from your partner is definitely one of the best motivations! Aside from the help you’ll provide to each other in staying consistent and reaching the goals, showing support strengthens the relationship.

5. Balance Out

In many couples, one partner tends to favor strength training (usually men), while the other tends to favor cardio (typically women). Open yourself to new experiences by working out together and balance your workout routine by combining yours and your partner exercises.


6. Mutual Respect and Pride

Showing respect to your partner on many levels is easy when you workout together, because you know and can understand what they are going through trying to achieve the perfect body figure. The best feeling is when results start showing up. Take a lot of pride in your partner and in the relationship for the achievements you are accomplishing. Also, taking care of your body and health shows the person you care about that you are putting maximum effort in being the best version of yourself for them. Always appreciate that!

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Info Source:
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