Kids Brain Cancer – Causes and 18 Prevention Steps

Kids brain cancer frequency in Australia have already gone up 21 percent in just 10 years. Other studies show there are 40 percent more brain tumors in Europe and the U.K., in the last 20 years.

Microwave radiation from now on known as – MWR, in fact, is coming from any wireless piece of technology, not just from regular microwave like at first you’d imagine.

That means your cell phone, your cordless phone, your wireless internet, your wireless alarm system, and even your wireless baby monitor slowly as each day passes by increases the chances of developing brain tumor in their surrounding.

Although the official ruling is that our wireless devices are safe as long as we stay within certain exposure limits, the facts say the inevitable truth: all wireless devices give off microwave radiation (MWR) and they directly affect kids brains, causing cerebellum tumors.

Need more proof?

The World Health Organization has classified WiFi radiation type exposures as a ‘possible Class 2B‘ carcinogen.

Brain cancer is now higher than leukemia as the number one cancer killer in children … what else are we waiting for to take action? This issue must be approached both biological and physically meaning proper diet and wireless signal restrictions in your house and office.

Child with brain cancer and her brother in operation room.

Let’s start with the biological part of the equation

Brain Cancer Prevention Guidelines that Fight Microwave Radiation – MWR

  1. Take extra antioxidants (like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Selenium, Pycnogenol, Grape Seed Extract) daily to stop free radicals produced by EMR (electromagnetic radiation). [1][2][3]
  2. Eat organic meat that has not been fed drugs like hormones or antibiotics and from animals that are outside in fresh air and pasture. Do not eat farmed fish.
  3. Drink a LOT of good quality filtered water. Use glass and ceramic clay mugs, glasses, water bottles, etc. You need a lot of good clean water to detox your body. Divide your body weight by two. This is the number of ounces of water per day a normal healthy person should drink.
  4. Include natural probiotics in your diet like kefir and yogurt.
  5. Take Omega-3 oils such as Fish Oil daily. Minimum dose is 3000mg per day (1000mg for kids under 14). [1]
  6. Take melatonin 2-4mg in a sublingual form (under your tongue) before bedtime. For kids under 13, the recommended dose is 1-2 mg. Or go full organic and increase the melatonin levels naturally with these everyday groceries.
  7. Exercise 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes long. If you can’t exercise, then go for Infrared Saunas – BUT make sure they are LOW EMR saunas.
  8. Don’t use synthetic chemicals, solvents, cleaners or make-up. These products are loaded with harmful chemicals that are damaging to the body.
  9. Make sure that you and your loved ones don’t use chemical pesticides and insecticide chemicals in your house or garden. Try switching to natural pesticides that you can make at home and be most efficient as well.


Here are some steps you can take to measurably reduce MWR exposure in your environment and reduce brain cancer risk

  1. Use an old-fashioned cell phone, called a “basic phone” if possible. Basic phones are often referred to as “flip phones.” A basic phone has a simple numerical keypad, and cannot accommodate any applications such as Facebook and Skype.
  2. During sleeping hours, and as often as possible during the day, put your smartphone in “airplane mode.” This will substantially reduce EMR almost completely. Your smartphone alarm will still work in airplane mode.
  3. Eliminate baby monitors labeled DECT or Gigahertz. If you must use a wireless baby monitor, purchase a 900-megahertz model. But even older style 900-megahertz models emit some radio frequency EMR. The safest solution for your baby is to avoid all wireless monitors. Instead, find an old-fashioned wired type on Ebay or at a garage sale, or wire up a webcam to a computer that is on a wired, Ethernet (not wireless) connection.
  4. Keep laptops away from the body and don’t use a laptop while it rests on the lap. Sit back from computer monitors and screens as much as possible. Our Mum measured her computer and the Apple iMac has virtually no radiation by the time you’re 18 inches away from the screen – so it’s a good one to use. Of course, do not use a wireless keyboard, or wireless mouse either.
  5. Bring back the wires. Yes, wireless technology is convenient. But there is a lot of technology in the home that doesn’t need to be wireless, and as soon as you plug them back in they stop omitting the microwave radiation (MWR). Try using an internet cable for your computer, a cord for your baby monitor, and a cord for your landline telephone.
  6. Make sure the router is placed as far from your body as possible in your home or office (at least six to ten feet), including your desk, or anywhere else in the home or office that you or your family spend time.
  7. Disconnect your wireless router during sleeping hours or put it on a timer.
  8. Avoid waterbeds, electric blankets and metal bed frames, because they all conduct electromagnetic energy into your body.
  9. Obviously, throw away the microwave. Use the oven instead.

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