Homemade Fruit and Ginger Gummy Candy for any Throat Problem

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Throat problems? You feel pain, soreness? Or maybe your throat is swollen? Coughing or sneezing much lately? Everybody’s been there. Good news is, you can help your throat and ease the pain and the symptoms with these colorful, fruity gummy candies that you can make at home in less than 30 minutes (cleaning the kitchen mess included).

The best thing about them, kids absolutely love them! 

Homemade fruit gummy bears


3 tablespoons honey
5 grams ground ginger
40 gr. gelatine
1 medium or large lemon
1 large orange
2 kiwi
4 strawberries
1/2 glass of water


Step 1: Juice the orange and the lemon, mash the strawberries and the kiwi. Keep everything in separate ramekins or bowls. Put the honey, the ginger and the lemon juice on medium fire, then choose which color gummies you want to do first. Add the kiwi, the strawberries or the orange juice.

Homemade fruit gummy bears, blending strawberry

Step 2: Put the gelatine in a small ramekin and add water to it. Then add the gelatine-water mix to the pan with the fruits and honey. Do not boil the mix, all you need is 5-6 minutes on medium heat to get a cloudy mixture. That way you don’t lose any nutrients that will cure any throat related problems.

Pouring blended kiwi in pan with honey

Step 3: Pour the throat curing mix in silicone bakeware or on a pan covered with baking paper. Put the gummy candies in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. Repete the process for every fruit.

Pouring homemade fruit mix to make fruit gummy candies

Note: add a splash of water when blending the fruits

Homemade fruit gummy candies to help throat health problems


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