Add Geranium Oil to Your Healthy Life Rhythm And Feel It's BenefitsWhat is Geranium Oil? Geranium oil is steam-distilled from the aromatic green parts of the pelargonium, especially the leaves. The plant must be freshly cut just before the flowers open.   The worldwide annual production of the oil is estimated to be in the region of 300 tons, an enormous quantity, mostly used in perfumes (whereas the oil is the most important ingredient). The oil is limpid, and fairly colorless, although there is a [Learn more]
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6 Healthy and Super Tasty Stuffed Mushrooms Recipes What I love about stuffed mushrooms is that they are for convenient for any occasion! You can make them vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free or just any way you prefer your food. Healthy and light at the same time you can find these six recipes useful in any event you host. Or just make healthy and tasty dinner for the family. Vegetarian Grilled Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms Ingredients (4 servings) 4 portabello mushroom caps, [Learn more]
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8 Health Benefits of Dark ChocolateDark chocolate is not a guilty pleasure; it actually comes with many health benefits. Real dark chocolate—not processed and sweetened milk chocolate—is chock-full of incredible health benefits. Some nutrients are destroyed in the process of making chocolate available for the general market. Make sure the chocolate you buy is within the healthy range. Check the label: chocolate with a 60 percent or higher cocoa content is packed full of nutrients and [Learn more]
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Workout with Partner - 6 Rock Solid Reasons Why You Should Give it a TryStudies have shown that people who have exercise partners are more likely to stay with their workout routines and reach their goal more often than people who try to do it alone. Why? The reasons are the following. 1. Safety during workout Having someone to help you lift the last few reps, do the last crunches or just having someone watch over you creates sense of safety. Knowing that there is someone to [Learn more]
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Night Sweats - Increasingly Frequent Problem? Causes and Natural TreatmentWhen does Night Sweating becomes Abnormal? It's perfectly normal to sweat at night. Everybody does it as a part of our body’s own way of regulating it’s temperature. However, for some people, the night sweats go overboard. To them, even if the room in which they sleep is adequately cooled down and they’re bed sheets are thin enough – they will find their beds soaked in sweat regularly. There are many possible [Learn more]
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Get rid of Hemorrhoids: Symptoms, Causes and TreatmentHemorrhoids are clumps of dilated (enlarged) blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum. The rectum is the last area of the large intestine before it exits to the anus. The anus is the end of the digestive tract where feces leaves the body. Sometimes hemorrhoids swell when the veins enlarge and their walls become stretched, thin, and irritated by passing stool. Hemorrhoids are classified into two general categories: internal, originating [Learn more]
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Asparagus and Cancer: - The Myth is RealWhile there are many foods that assist the body in resisting diseases, it behooves anyone fighting cancer to investigate any and all claims of foods that are considered cures for cancer. The latest claim to hit the airwaves and rumor mills are that asparagus can cure cancer.  Asparagus does contain vitamins and minerals that are essential in the fight against cancer. However, there is not enough in one serving to [Learn more]
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6 Impressive Health Benefits of Oolong TeaTea is among the most consumed beverages around the world and for good reason, since there are a great number of health benefits associated with it. Oolong tea is quite similar to the popular green tea and black tea, however oolong has its own unique benefits.  So, what exactly is Oolong Tea? Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese Tea that is produced through a long process of withering the plant under strong sun followed by oxidation before [Learn more]
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