My Friend Introduced me with Palm Oil… And it’s the Best Thing Ever!

When it comes to tropical oils, coconut oil is the most well-known and widely used, but a new tropical oil is beginning to be acknowledged as more prevalent in both the health and beauty industries.
Palm oil is the second most common produced vegetable oil worldwide, but it is just now getting some major attention.
According to the American Palm Oil Council, the oil is consumed and used for a variety of health benefits for more than 5,000 years.

The benefits of palm oil

What is Palm Oil?

Palm oil comes from one of the few fatty fruits in existence and has a fatty acid composition different from other plant and animal oils. It is comprised of 50% saturated, 40% unsaturated and 10% polyunsaturated fats, and it is also loaded with several phytonutrients:

  • Alpha-, beta- and gamma carotenes (carotenoids)
  • Sterols
  • Tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E derivatives)
  • Phenolic acids
  • Flavonoids

Top 4 Benefits:

#1 Anti-Aging Properties:

Vitamin E harnesses it’s antioxidant power to fight off free radicals that cause skin damage and fine lines and wrinkles.
Vitamin E in the form of tocopherol is a common ingredient found in anti-aging beauty products.
While tocopherol is a great anti-aging ingredient, palm oil contains a derivative of vitamin E that is even more intense and is a stronger antioxidant than tocopherol.

#2 Prevents Cancer

Tocopherols, as mentioned above, are natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are defensive  that can prevent cancer by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals are the main reason why healthy cells are mutating into cancerous cells.
That is why we highly recommend you increase the intake of tocopherol and palm oil ASAP.

#3 Lowered Disease Risk

While palm oil is still being studied in regards to it’s disease-related benefits, it is associated with lowering the risk of:

#4 Pregnant Women

Vitamin deficiencies are some of the most dangerous conditions that can face pregnant women and their unborn children. Vitamin A, D, and E are found in considerable quantities in palm oil, and since the body cannot naturally retain these vitamins, it is necessary to consume them in our diets. Ensuring that pregnant women and their children do not face any vitamin deficiencies is one of the best aspects of adding palm oil to your diet.

There is some controversy surrounding palm oil and whether or not it is actually beneficial to your health, but there is positive research that suggests it does provide health benefits.


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