Vegan Carrot Cream Soup – Ginger and Mint Flavored

Cream soup addicts? Guilty, right here! I’m one of the small community of individuals that can’t say no to creamy soups, never, period. It’s just something so appealing and fulfilling about experimenting with veggie soup flavors ever since I turned vegan and oh man… it’s been a while…

After all these years, this particular carrot soup is forever top choice for me, my family loves it even more than I do.

Carrot Cream Soup with Ginger and Mint Flavor

Carrot Soup Ingredients:

  • 8 medium peeled carrots
  • medium ginger piece
  • 12-16 mint leaves
  • small onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 3 oz butter


Step 1: Peel the carrots, cut them into large pieces and place them in a ceramic baking pan. Pour olive oil over the carrot and add a pinch of salt and pepper by taste. Place the pan in preheated oven at 425 °F for 15-20 minutes. Flip the carrots once after ten minutes.

Note: turn off the oven fan – taking out the air of the oven will dry the carrots and suck all the nutrients out

What you are aiming for is slightly roasted veggies with intensified flavor. In addition, you get the benefit of activated enzyme – carotene.

Roasting carrots for cream soup

Nutritional hack: the beta-Caroten pigment from the carrot is activated only when in interaction with lipids, in this case, olive oil.

Step 2:  Make vegan broth in pot out of medium ginger (cut on half to get more flavor) and the fresh mint. Make sure you boil 1l (33 oz) water first then add the mind and ginger. Cover the pot, place it on the side.

In the meantime…
…cut the onion and the garlic on really small pieces. Toss them in a heated frying pan with olive oil. Do not over fry it though! The aim is glazed looking onion, rather than fried. Fry it for 1-2 min the most. Leave the pan on the stove and add only one ladle of the broth in with the onion and garlic (do not add ginger or mint in the pan).

After 15 minutes…
rinse the ginger and mint out of the broth (be sure not to miss a ginger piece). Take out the carrots and throw them in the broth together with the lightly fried onions and garlic.

Lastly, cook the ginger flavored broth with the veggie ingredients until the carrots are soft enough to easily cut through them with almost no pressure. Blend it preferably with hand blender rather than static. If you only have static, let the broth cool down before blending.

Add the butter, place the blended cream soup back on the stove on low for 3-4 more minutes and stir. Do not boil the creamy mix. Add some pepper before serving, garnish with cashew yogurt and sprinkle dried thyme.

Vegan Carrot Cream Soup with Ginger and Mint Flavor

Vegan Carrot Soup Delight Combination

Now here is what you don’t see in the picture! How about complementing this wonderful vegan cream soup combination with herb and garlic gluten free crackers… with couple olives on the side, Mediterranean style… Yummy!

Photo source Delicious Every Day

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